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The employment situation of agricultural machinery graduates has impressed both inside and outside the industry

in the midsummer of another year, college graduates have become the focus of all sectors of society. In recent years, with the continuous and rapid development of China's agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry, the employment situation of agricultural machinery graduates has come out of the trough and continued to improve. Especially this year, the employment situation of agricultural machinery graduates has impressed both inside and outside the industry

according to song Zhenghe, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Engineering College of China Agricultural University, the employment situation of the engineering college this year is very surprising. Part of the "group army of job seekers" signed a tripartite agreement on employment with the school and the employing unit to determine the shear resistance of materials as early as August, and determined the employing unit early. This has also led to many enterprises that traditionally come to the school to recruit in April, which are nothing more than reform, opening up and inclusiveness. They are difficult to catch fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, and fail to recruit satisfactory talents because they miss the opportunity

similarly, shangshuqi, Dean of the Engineering College of Qingdao Agricultural University in Shandong Province, also said that the employment market of agricultural machinery students this year is much better than that of the previous two years. As early as may, students who choose to work have basically determined their whereabouts. "This made few graduates attend the job fair organized by the school on June 20, and more junior or junior students came to the job fair to learn about the situation." Shang Shuqi said

referring to the reasons for the good employment situation of agricultural machinery graduates in recent years, song Zhenghe believed that the state has paid more attention to the development of agricultural mechanization, and the continuous introduction of policies to strengthen agriculture and benefit agriculture has stimulated the development of agricultural machinery industry and even the whole agricultural machinery industry. "Especially during the 11th Five Year Plan period, the state issued some regulations and policies for the agricultural machinery industry, further determined the development goals of the industry, standardized the development track of the agricultural machinery industry, and accelerated the development pace of the agricultural machinery industry." Song Zhenghe said, "in such a good environment, agricultural machinery enterprises have obtained unprecedented development opportunities, making them more in need of talents to enrich the team."

shangshuqi said that in recent years, the study and employment of agricultural machinery has become more and more extensive, and all major agricultural machinery enterprises, competent departments of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery scientific research institutions are within the scope of employment. Second, the economic situation has improved, and the resumption of talent recruitment by major enterprises has also improved the overall employment situation this year

since 2009, the employment rate of fresh graduates majoring in agricultural machinery from the College of technology of China Agricultural University has continued to rise, and their employment satisfaction has also continued to improve. Song Zhenghe believes that the desire of industry enterprises for talents is directly reflected in their attention to job fairs. This is mainly reflected in three changes. First, the number and types of enterprises that come to schools to recruit talents are increasing. 2. Precautions for the use of cold and hot shock testing machines; Second, the graduate recruitment season has been advanced from the initial April and may to February and March each year, reflecting the enterprise's talent absorption psychology of "starting first is strong"; Third, other machinery manufacturing and design enterprises also widely absorb agricultural machinery professionals

song Zhenghe said, "the type of recruitment enterprises has developed from the original state-owned enterprises to the situation that foreign-funded (joint venture), state-owned and private enterprises jointly absorb agricultural machinery talents. In particular, some foreign-funded and joint ventures that set up factories in China, such as John Deere and American AGCO company, have also begun to pay attention to local talents in recent years, attracting our students into their production and R & D fields."

at the same time, faced with the phenomenon that the recruitment season is ahead of schedule and other industries are "competing" for talents with the agricultural machinery industry, some insiders said that, first of all, this is the performance that agricultural machinery professionals are gradually valued by the industry; Secondly, in the current "favorable" environment for job hunting, graduates will increase their job selection conditions. Similarly, enterprises may "increase" their original salary in order to retain talents

in the interview, we also learned that many agricultural machinery enterprises have taken countermeasures against the situation that they missed the best opportunity of talent recruitment due to the early recruitment season this year. Some enterprises still post the recruitment information in the hope of "picking up Omissions"; Some enterprises also said that they have plans to significantly advance the recruitment time next year, and may even advance it to October this year

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