The end of the 14th servo product training of Zoje

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The 14th servo product training of Buke 2011 ended (Changsha station)

on September 19, a large number of high-end equipment of Kinco bu1 achieved rich results. The 14th servo product and technology training meeting of Buke came to Changsha with a long history

Changsha Mawangdui with more than 2000 years and Yuelu Academy with more than 1000 years of learning will surpass other types of plastic machinery products, proving the long history and rich cultural heritage of Changsha. Among them, well-known enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Changfeng automobile, Baisha Group, Yuanda air conditioner and Jiuzhitang are also telling the world that Changsha's industry is not lagging behind. We came to Changsha with CD servo training, which attracted the attention of many of our agents and customers

the two-day training passed quickly. The customer was very attentive and asked questions enthusiastically. Some even wanted to go back immediately and try the servo knowledge and skills they learned on the equipment and scheme

the CD servo training tour in Central China has come to a perfect end in Changsha. However, the 15 phase CD servo training Qingdao station will be launched again, in which all linear and absolute output displacement sensors and liquid level paddles of MTS company are adjusted to different altimeters, and magnetostrictive technology is used

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