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The employment mechanism of packaging enterprises

when talking with friends, I often hear the words "it needs everyone's joint efforts to do a good job in an enterprise, and it's enough to bring down an enterprise". Here we are talking about the quality of the leading group and main leaders of an enterprise, which determines the rise and fall of the enterprise. It is reasonable to analyze this in detail. From the perspective of the prosperity of some enterprises, it depends on the wisdom of the group and the joint efforts of everyone. It is the result of scientific employment, knowing people and being good at their duties, and maximizing the mobilization of the enthusiasm of Miss YingYing and Miss Zhang fan, who are members of an active horizontal beam at the top of Chai. On the contrary, one has the final say in the employment, engaging in cronyism, "family based" management, abusing power, and abusing power to meet the private desires of a few people, which affects the enthusiasm of most employees. As a result, due to improper employment, a well-known enterprise is struggling and insolvent. The lessons in this regard are profound. In today's deepening reform, it is very important to select a good manager of enterprise operation. Since this year, he has a bearing on the survival of an enterprise and whether the fundamental interests of the majority of employees can be implemented

some state-owned enterprises have weak management. The main reason is that the selection and employment mechanism is not perfect and lacks effective constraints. The author believes that we should start from the following aspects

First, we should adhere to the principle of the party managing cadres and establish and improve effective incentive and restraint mechanisms. In accordance with the management authority of the enterprise leading group and under the organization and leadership of the Party committee, improve and implement the democratic life meeting system. Seriously solve the outstanding problems existing in the ideological style, integrity and self-discipline of the members of the leading group. Party organizations in enterprises should take full responsibility for the ideological style and organizational construction of the team, as well as the selection, training, investigation, appointment, removal and supervision of team members, so as to avoid the phenomenon of any individual being above the organization and enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team

second, we should grasp the correct orientation of employment. Select and appoint people who have firm faith, are good at learning, adhere to principles, and promote integrity. On the issue of selecting and appointing people, we should adhere to appointing people on the basis of merit and oppose appointing people on the basis of favouritism; Adhere to "all corners of the country", oppose groups, choose people regardless of style, and use their strengths. Managers who abide by national laws and regulations, are diligent and dedicated, honest and self disciplined, have the ability to control the market, and can ensure the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets should be promoted to major leadership positions

Third, we should promote the scientific, democratic and institutionalized appointment of cadres. We should earnestly implement the masses' rights to know, participate, choose and supervise the selection and appointment of cadres. When selecting and appointing cadres, we should organize departments as the main body, absorb comrades from professional departments, comprehensive economic departments and supervision departments, and select cadres with rich work experience and high public prestige. We should improve measures such as open selection and competition for posts, promote cadres to study hard and work hard, and establish and improve a scientific mechanism for the selection, appointment, management and supervision of cadres

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